Keya Seth Aromatherapy Skin Hydrating Cucumber Toner (200ml)

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If your skin looks dull and tired even after regular cleansing and moisturizing, then your daily skincare routine might be missing an important ingredient, hydration! That’s why this hydrating and brightening Cucumber Toner for Sensitive and All Skin Types instantly boosts the moisture level in skin with its potent blend of nourishing ingredients. The smaller molecular size of this water-based skin tonic ensures efficient delivery of nutrients into the deeper layers of the skin. It helps in maintaining skin’s natural pH balance and soothes & protects skin from common infections
This Toner for Sensitive Skin is a Water-Based Formula that provides an instant moisture boost to skin and nourishes from within. Apart from the Cucumber Extracts, the Spray Toner for face is loaded with several Natural Ingredients and a bunch of Health-Giving Vitamins for skin care.
NO SUNBURN & PIGMENTATION: Multivitamin enriched, Hydrating, Cucumber Toner with Anti-Pigmentation Benefits for Tan-Free, Naturally Nourished Skin.

REFRESHSHING CUCUMBER WITH SKIN NUTRIENTS: Native to India, Cucumbers are full of Skin Nutrients & highly beneficial as a Skin Toner; the product offers a mild yet freshening aroma.

CARE FOR SENSITIVE SKIN: Packed with Vitamin C, K, and a range of B Vitamins, the Cucumber Extracts promote hydration and block oxidation; the Skin Toner for Women protects from infections while reducing wrinkles, acne; Castor Oil soothes sunburns and rashes; Propylene Glycol makes skin appear Smoother and Youthful; ideal for Sensitive Skin.

BRIGHTENEND, pH BALANCED SKIN: With the correct pH Balance, your skin feels Soft, Brightened, and Even-Toned; Alcohol-Free Toner; suits All Skin Types.

Cucumber Extracts (Cucumis Sativus)

Rich in Vitamins, like C, K, & Bs and Nutrients, including Magnesium, Potassium, Manganese, etc., Cucumber Extracts provide a base for Skin Moisturization and reduces swelling and puffiness. It contains Antioxidants that help protect your cells from damage. The Skin Toner with Rejuvenating Extracts work miraculously on swelling and puffiness. It unclogs pores so that you enjoy acne-free, clear skin.

Seeing yourself getting bald quickly even at a young age can be extremely distressing and is sure to affect one’s life and mental health. Our Clinical Trial confirms the latest recommendations of the World Medical Association (WMA) and fully complies with the ‘Schedules of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act’.

Vitamin C: It’s an Antioxidant that stops the damaging free radicals from harming skin cells. Additionally, it evens out skin tone, improves skin hydration significantly, and guards skin against environmental pollution.

Vitamin K: It contributes to heal wounds, bruises, and certain skin conditions. It reduces the stubborn circles under your eyes, dark spots, scars, as well as stretch marks.

Vitamins B Complex: Research has found that B Vitamins may help in producing new, healthy skin cells while slowing down the signs of ageing. Apart from that, the B Vitamins offer a bunch of benefits, including healing, improving Cell Turnover Rate, Skin-Conditioning, Skin Firming, and fighting against dermatitis, sun damage, dry skin, eczema, among others.

For best results cleanse face & neck with any suitable Fresh Look Face Wash; apply the Toner directly twice daily; massage with any of our Moisturizers that suits your skin type.

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Keya Seth Aromatherapy Skin Hydrating Cucumber Toner (200ml)

233275 (-15%)

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